You Already Know “Ounces!”

You Already Know “Ounces!”

Now Say Hello to Fluid, Weight, Gross and Net! When it comes to labeling your product, a few missing adjectives and precious little space for typography can add up to some pretty hefty confusion. That’s why O. Berk wants you to be on first name 

Plastic Bottles Symbol Change – Triangle Replaces Chasing Arrows

Most plastic bottles and jars have a resin identification code (or IRC) to help identify what plastic resin was used during manufacture. Product makers and packaging professionals commonly use this identification code during their procurement process to determine product compatibility while municipalities, scrap brokers, and 

Video – Packaging Crash Course: How Are Plastic Bottles Made?

Video – Packaging Crash Course: How Are Plastic Bottles Made?

How Are Plastic Bottles Made? Ever wonder how PET plastic bottles and jars are made? Turns out it is a little different than other types of plastic bottles (Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding, etc.). Known for its quality and environmental friendliness, PET plastic bottles 

8oz Clear Round Base Boston Round

This 8oz clear round base Boston Round PET plastic bottle is a new closeout item (SKU: 8007355) on Commonly used for lotion and cream type products, it’s 24-410 neck finish is compatible with many plastic continuous thread cap, disc top cap, pumps, and sprayers. 

Orifice Reducer Plugs For Plastic Bottles 1-2-3

What is it for, ideal applications, and installation how-to What is it for? Orifice reducer plugs are for plastic bottles applications. Commonly for LDPE, HDPE, PET, and other squeezable plastic resin bottles, orifice reducer plugs reduce the opening for controlled dispensing by the consumers. Most 

Plastic Bottle Fluorination – A Solution To Prevent Paneling And Fragrance Loss

Plastic bottle and jar fluoridation is a “secondary” manufacturing process, which means you can fluorinate bottles post manufacture. It is commonly used to prevent bottle paneling (for more information about bottle paneling visit this blog post) and prevent gas permeation through bottle walls, which results 

Understanding Disc Top, Liquid Dispensing and Flip Top Caps

When you have a liquid product, you will need a closure that allows controlled dispensing and can be re-closed by the consumer to ensure proper seal. With today’s dispensing technologies, you have three main dispensing systems to choose from: Disc top caps, flip top caps, 

How to measure neck opening for plastic bottles and glass bottles

When looking for a plastic bottles and glass bottles at, you will find that almost all of the bottles we offer has at least one matching closure that you can choose from. But what if you have an existing bottle or cap in your 

Plastic bottle options at – how to pick the right one?

If you are a regular visitor of our parent company’s blog, you might’ve read a post about finding the right plastic bottles for your product. In that article we went into technical details about common plastic resins and their properties such as moisture barrier,