24 Practical Uses for Plastic Jugs

24 Practical Uses for Plastic Jugs

24 Practical Uses for Plastic Jugs Leftover and new plastic jugs can be used in many practical ways in and around your home. Most people think only of the iconic plastic milk jug and don’t realize just how many different varieties of shapes and sizes 

Plastic Bottles Symbol Change – Triangle Replaces Chasing Arrows

Most plastic bottles and jars have a resin identification code (or IRC) to help identify what plastic resin was used during manufacture. Product makers and packaging professionals commonly use this identification code during their procurement process to determine product compatibility while municipalities, scrap brokers, and 

How to measure neck opening for plastic bottles and glass bottles

When looking for a plastic bottles and glass bottles at bottlestore.com, you will find that almost all of the bottles we offer has at least one matching closure that you can choose from. But what if you have an existing bottle or cap in your 

Plastic bottle options at BottleStore.com – how to pick the right one?

If you are a regular visitor of our parent company’s blog insight.oberk.com, you might’ve read a post about finding the right plastic bottles for your product. In that article we went into technical details about common plastic resins and their properties such as moisture barrier,