8oz Clear Round Base Boston Round

8007355 - 8oz Clear PET Boston Round (24-410 Neck)
8007355 – 8oz Clear PET Boston Round (24-410 Neck)

This 8oz clear round base Boston Round PET plastic bottle is a new closeout item (SKU: 8007355) on BottleStore.com. Commonly used for lotion and cream type products, it’s 24-410 neck finish is compatible with many plastic continuous thread cap, disc top cap, pumps, and sprayers.

Above picture illustrate our stock cap offerings that are compatible with this bottle. If this bottle interest you, please bear the following in mind:

  • This bottle is not suitable for products that are hot-filled. PET will starts to distort at around 125˚F.
  • It has good oxygen barrier and impact resistance, but it is not as “squeezable” as LDPE plastic.
  • This PET bottle is clear in color, which is ideal to let your product shines through.
  • If you need an orifice reducing plug (reduce opening for controlled dispensing), it is available with our plastic CT caps or as a stand alone option.
  • Our disc top caps comes with crab claw seal, which compresses against the land of the bottle, offering a good, reliable seal.

Different then our Squat Boston Round (SKU: 8006825), this item has a round base corner and its taller than a Squat Boston Round, which can help you “stand out” on the shelf.

To review technical specifications for this item, please click here.


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