Best Homemade Organic Garden Fertilizers

Best Homemade Organic Garden Fertilizers

Do you have a green thumb, and you’re looking for a way to produce your own homemade organic garden fertilizers? Fertilizer is often the biggest expense for many gardeners, and it’s sometimes produced using surprisingly environmentally unfriendly components.


Thankfully, there are several options available to produce your own high-quality fertilizer using organic materials. Here at, we have a variety of gardening and hydroponics products to help you prepare and store your very own homemade organic fertilizer. 


One popular option is to use your lawn clippings. All you need to do is bag your clippings when you mow your lawn, then spread up to an inch of them over your garden. Not only are grass clippings packed with nitrogen — which is one of the nutrients that plants need the most — but they also help keep weeds from cropping up. 


Speaking of weeds, many people don’t think there’s any productive use for everyone’s least-favorite plant. However, when you’ve finished picking weeds from your garden, you can use them to make a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. 


All you need to do is dump the weeds into a sturdy plastic pail — like these options available from — and fill it with water. After a week or so, the water should turn a light brown color, which indicates that the nutrients from the weeds have spread into the water. Strain out the weeds themselves, pour the water into your garden, and reap the rewards of this simple fertilizing solution. 


An increasingly popular homemade fertilizer can be made using the food scraps from your kitchen. In fact, producing your own compost makes one of the longest-lasting fertilizers in existence, because compost made from food scraps retains nutrients and moisture for as long as a full year after it’s produced. 



It’s easy to get started with home composting as well. You simply need to add a third bin to your kitchen, to go along with your trash can and recycling container. has several options for you to choose from, but we like using these wide-mouth HDPE plastic gallon jars, which you can tightly seal with a custom closure to ensure no smells escape the container. Once your container is full, you can add the food scraps to your backyard compost pile, mixing them in to ensure your compost is properly aerated. 


If you’re not in the mood to use all of your food scraps to create a compost pile — after all, they can be messy and they require some upkeep — you might be surprised by how much use you can get from recycling your coffee grounds. It’s important to keep your soil acidified, and the acidic qualities of coffee provide a simple and productive way of doing just that. Just spread your used coffee grounds over the soil in your garden and you’re good to go! 


Do you want to grow big, strong plants? Producing organic molasses tea is a great option. Using a gallon jug (like this one), pour in two tablespoons of organic molasses, and fill the rest of the jug with water. Seal it with one of our tight-fitting closures, mix it all up, and pour it on your garden on a weekly basis. This helps your garden produce the bacteria and microbes necessary to encourage large, healthy plants. 


Another DIY organic fertilizer comes from simple Epsom salt. Just mix a tablespoon of this salt with a gallon of water and you’re ready to spread it around. Epsom salt fertilizer provides your plants with a boost of sulfur and magnesium, which is effective in a wide variety of gardening setups. 


Regardless of which option (or options) you choose to help fertilize your garden, has everything you need to get started. We offer a variety of jugs, jars, bottles, and pails, which can all be fitted with sturdy closures to prevent spills and help you mix your organic fertilizers. 


If you have questions about which containers to buy, contact one of our representatives today. They can help you figure out what you need to get your homemade organic fertilizer project off the ground, and also fill you in about the great wholesale and bulk discounts we offer our customers.



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