Five Kombucha Bottle Branding Trends We Love Right Now

Five Kombucha Bottle Branding Trends We Love Right Now

Kombucha sales have been soaring in recent years thanks to the consumer’s desire for better health. The ready-to-drink kombucha bottle beverages are dominating shelves everywhere – from health food stores to neighborhood groceries. The ancient Chinese fermented drink offers many flavor possibilities and is easy to make in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Kombucha began to gain popularity in the 1990s in the United States, primarily due to grassroots efforts among people sharing their SCOBYs, the culture disc of yeast and bacteria used to create kombucha. The process of homebrewing began to catch on, with loyal kombucha imbibers and beverage manufacturers also taking note. Even drink giants like PepsiCo have begun to invest time and money into kombucha manufacturing and sales, having purchased the popular kombucha brand, KeVita.


Building Your Brand


Many smaller, independent kombucha creators still have their hat in the ring. Entrepreneurs crafting the perfect kombucha beverage are going up against the big dogs, selling their wares in the mainstream market. Creating a knockout kombucha bottle will help set your beverage apart from the rest.


Current bottling trends highlight the need to relate to consumers on a deeper level. Kombucha is available in a wide variety of flavors and the health benefits of the ancient drink are two selling points bottlers are emphasizing in their branding. Here are five of the top branding trends for kombucha bottles we love right now:


  1. Colors of Nature – Clear kombucha bottles are a popular choice among manufacturers. Allowing the natural look and colors of the kombucha drink to shine through attracts the consumer’s attention. As many kombucha variations are created by using natural fruits and spices, using a clear glass bottle on store shelves allows consumers to truly see what they are getting in their drink. The clear bottles also highlight the different textures and vibrant colors of the beverage and help the drink sell itself.

  1. Health-Conscious Consumer Labels – Consumers turning to kombucha as an alternative for a sugary, unhealthy drink want to know what they are getting. Labeling information is critically important to health-conscious buyers. They want to fully understand what they are ingesting. Labels should fully disclose beverage ingredients and highlight product differentiators, such as vegan-friendly or containing organic fruits, spices, and vegetables, while also including the required label information.

  1. Authentic Stories – Everyone loves a good story. If your company has one, why not incorporate it right onto the bottle’s design? Many people began brewing kombucha to battle specific health issues or to make a transition to a healthier lifestyle. Consumers who are inspired by an authentic product story may become loyal customers if the product is high quality. Consider adding your personal story to your label, logo, or company tagline. Consumers often purchase the products they can relate to most.

  1. Historic Depictions – Kombucha is an ancient Chinese drink, which goes back centuries. As more consumers are turning to more naturalistic products and alternative medicines for better health, incorporating a nod to the ancient Chinese in your label design can help it stand out from the crowd. Be sure to include information related to the ancient drink’s healing benefits so shoppers will immediately appreciate what makes kombucha so unique.

  1. Quirk – With so many kombucha bottles now on mainstream shelves, it can be difficult to differentiate your product from all the others. As consumers must rely initially on the visual, having a unique or quirky shaped bottle to store your kombucha may be a great way to get noticed. Bottling your beverage in an unusual square-shaped glass bottle or choosing an environmentally-friendly, recyclable plastic bottle can give you an edge in the marketplace. Before the buyer can even taste your product, they may already be thinking about what to do with the quirky bottle housing your kombucha drink.

As the interest in better health and wellness continues to spread worldwide, the popularity of kombucha will certainly increase. Manufacturers and homebrewers alike will keep crafting delicious flavor combinations and promote the many health benefits kombucha is said to offer for the foreseeable future.


Building your kombucha brand starts the moment you decide to brew and bottle your beverage. As trends may fall to the wayside eventually, you want to build an honest and authentic brand from the start. Consistent branding will eliminate wasted time and money. It will also go a long way toward increasing brand loyalty amongst consumers. Start with a unique bottle shape and the story behind your drink and build your marketing plan from there.


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