How to measure neck opening for plastic bottles and glass bottles

When looking for a plastic bottles and glass bottles at, you will find that almost all of the bottles we offer has at least one matching closure that you can choose from. But what if you have an existing bottle or cap in your inventory and want to find a matching bottle or cap? How do you accurately determine the cap size or the neck finish of a bottle and make the right purchase?

There are many technical dimensions an engineer will define when designing a bottle, such as T , H, E, C, S, S1, H, etc., if you would like to understand what all of these dimensions mean, head on over to our parent company O.Berk where we’ve written extensively on this subject here. But essentially, you need to pay attention to two numbers: neck diameter, and the neck finish (or thread design).

The neck finish measurement is mentioned in all of our bottles in the product description, where-as in closures these numbers are the first to appear in the product name. While that is very useful when identifying the right bottle or closure for your package if you know that number, you can still take measurement of existing bottles or caps with a measuring gauge:

Neck Diameter

Measuring closure diameter
Measuring a closure diameter
Measuring a bottle neck diameter
Measuring a bottle neck diameter

Since the bottle packaging industry has several standard neck finish and diameter, a measuring gauge like this can give out accurate diameter reading for majority of the bottle on the market today.


If you would like to have a measuring gauge, please click on the link below. It will direct you to our parent company O.Berk and a form where you can request one without cost.

Request a Neck / Closure Diameter Gauge

Neck Finish

Neck finish is the thread style for a bottle or cap, there are several common neck finishes listed below:

400 Neck Finish
400 neck finish. A common thread design found in glass, plastic bottles and jars.
405 neck finish
405 neck finish are common in glass bottles, allow fitment of 400 closure size.
415 neck finish
415 neck finish, longer thread and widely used.
425 neck finish
425 neck finish. Common in small capacity vials or containers.
430 neck finish
430 neck finish, deeper than 400 and it’s used in our Pour-Out glass bottle line.
470 neck finish
470 neck finish are commonly found in glass mayo jars, the threads are deeper than 400 threads.
485 neck finish
485 neck finish are commonly found on glass Paragon jar. It takes 400 closures but it’s ideally suited for spice caps.
490 Neck Finish
490 neck finish – common in narrow neck sauce bottles. Threads are deeper and has a lip on top to aid in pouring.



2010 Neck Finish
2010 Neck finish, this is a lug finish commonly used for food items like jams.

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