What Makes Wax Different from Other Concentrates And Is There Technically A Difference Between Buds And Nugs?

What Makes Wax Different from Other Concentrates And Is There Technically A Difference Between Buds And Nugs?

As the medical marijuana business continues to grow and expand throughout the United States, there’s a lot of lingo to decipher. Marijuana products are available in a great variety of forms and if you’re planning on going into the medical marijuana business, it pays to know what’s what.


From marijuana concentrates to wax, nugs and buds, the terminology can be confusing. Here we’ll sort out the differences between the most popular forms of marijuana available legally in dispensaries across the country.


Waxing the Benefits of Marijuana Wax


A new form of marijuana, known as wax, has become a popular choice. Marijuana wax is a concentrated form that is said to be much more powerful than other forms. Users report a much faster, stronger high, possibly making it the most potent form of marijuana available in the industry.


The term wax comes from the appearance of the concentrate. The concentrate isn’t easy to come by as it requires highly flammable butane to extract THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.


The extraction becomes a waxy, highly potent form of marijuana. Marijuana wax can then be smoked in a water pipe, similar to the marijuana plant. The wax can also be used in a vaporizer, which allows marijuana wax to be evenly heated, so it evaporates instead of burning. A vaporizer produces a clean, less toxic smoke.


Why Wax Is So Popular

The strength of marijuana wax is the primary reason for its popularity. Studies of the wax’s makeup show the product is more than 80% pure THC, which gives users a much faster, more dramatic high.


While the faster high may have appeal, there are some cautionary tales to be told. The hallucinogenic properties of marijuana wax can be extreme. There have been several news reports of users having to be hospitalized for psychotic behavior after using just a small amount of the wax.

Other Considerations to Wax

Experts warn about the dangers of making marijuana wax at home due to the flammability of the butane and the potential for explosions and fire.


For those interested in trying wax for themselves, some medical marijuana dispensaries are now carrying marijuana wax products for patients who need a stronger option, such as those who have a high tolerance for other types of marijuana products.

Bud Versus Nug


In the marijuana world, a bud is a plant shoot that forms at the base of the marijuana plant leaves or the tips of the stem. Users harvest the bud and dry it out before smoking it. It can also be processed to extract the THC to create marijuana concentrates, wax, oils, and tinctures.


Marijuana consumers may also refer to the bud as a ‘nug’, or nugget, which can generally mean the bud they have is high quality, with a high percentage of THC.


In some circles, the term nug may also refer to the size and appearance of the marijuana bud.


If you’re thinking about getting into the medical marijuana business and plan to open a dispensary, you not only need to be familiar with the many options now available in the industry, but also with the many regulations and packaging requirements necessary to stay in compliance with the state where you open for business.


At BottleStore.com, we offer a full inventory of state-approved medical marijuana packaging options for your bud, wax, concentrates, oils, and tinctures. Our experienced container experts will show you which packaging works best for your products to keep you in compliance and help make your dispensary look sharp.




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  • Concentrates are products that have been extracted from the cannabis plant to preserve only the most desirable plant compounds (mainly cannabinoids and terpenes) while eliminating excess plant material and other impurities.”Wax” is a form of concentrated cannabis that is mainly named for its appearance and texture. Wax has an opaque appearance and a dense, yet maleable, wax-like texture somewhere between gooey, liquid concentrates such as hash oil and solid, brittle concentrates such as shatter

  • Once a cannabis plant has gone through the process of removing unnecessary plant matter while preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant, a cannabis concentrate is the excess material left over. Useful information shared. I am very happy to read this article. thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.For more information

  • NICE BLOG! Cannabis wax is one of the most sought-after concentrates due to its high THC content, which can be as high as 15-20 joints per gramme of high-quality cannabis.There are wide range of cannabis wax textures, such as shatter, budder, and crumble..

  • Didn’t know about marijuana wax. It seems to have good results. And it can be used in different ways, so it makes it so convenient. I will probably buy some to give it a try.

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