Why Do Bath Bombs Fizz?

Why Do Bath Bombs Fizz?

Ever wondered what puts the fizz in a quality bath bomb? If you’re new to the bath salt business, you may not yet understand the science behind the fizzing bath bomb.

What you may know is how popular these bath salt products are becoming across the country.

Putting Out the Fizz and Fun

The popularity of bath salts is growing due to the healing benefits of bath bomb ingredients and the explosion of color the bomb makes when it meets your bath water. Adults and kids alike enjoy the moment the ingredients make contact with water and spread their colors throughout the tub.

But what makes the bath bomb fizz?

The ingredients that trigger a fizzing reaction are citric acid and baking soda. To achieve a great fizz, you need to craft a well-balanced mix of these materials. Typically, the best ratio of baking soda and citric acid is 2:1.5.

Adding in the Extras

While a perfect fizz is achievable by balancing baking soda and citric acid, there are usually other elements that go into making an attractive bath bomb.

Today’s bath salt makers want to create a refreshing, fizzy product that looks attractive and smells even better. To achieve a pleasing fragrance, essential oils are added to the mixture.

In some cases, experimenting with several different oils is the best way to find a signature fragrance for your specific products. Other makers prefer to stick to popular basics, like peppermint, lavender, or eucalyptus.

Regardless of which oils you choose, you need to consider the impact essential oils have on your bath bomb products.

The Effect of Oils

While you may want to be heavy-handed with the oils to ensure your bath salts smell amazing, the drawback is that more oils may not be good for the fizz part of your business. Too much oil can make your bath bomb fizzle out too fast.

If you plan on using essential oils in your bath bombs and bath salt products, take some time to practice perfecting your mixtures. With some experimenting, you can find just the right balance between baking soda, citric acid and essential oils.

Bathing in the Benefits

The magnesium chloride minerals that make up your bath salts and bombs have natural healing properties that can relieve sore muscles, improve blood circulation, and improve skin health.

By adding the right essential oils, you can enhance the health benefits of your bath salt products.  

For relaxation, consider the oils of jasmine, lavender, and sandalwood. If you’re looking to help your customers re-energize their mind and body, consider adding oils of eucalyptus, lemon, or peppermint.

Whatever oils you experiment with and eventually use, make sure the oils are always high-quality products coming from reliable sources. This ensures your bath salts will retain their fragrance, improving the satisfaction of your customers who will keep coming back for more.

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