3 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Pressure Sensitive Liners (PS22)

PS22 lined bottle
PS22 liner applied to white plastic packer bottle

Foamseal PS22 constrcutionPressure sensitive liner is designed with an EVA-based pressure sensitive (PS) adhesive coated on foamseal (extruded foamed Polystyrene) and a release coating on the back that does not come in contact with the product. It adheres to either glass or plastic bottles when applied and sticks to the bottle when the cap is removed. It is often seen as a cost effective option for products that requires liner seal as it does not require automatic equipment to be applied. However, there are several considerations packager must bear in mind when using PS22 liners. Here are 3 of the most common considerations:

PS22 Takes At Least 24 Hours To Adhere Securely

One important aspect of PS22 liners is that it is coated with a torque activated coating. Once the cap is applied, it should not be removed for at least 24 hours to ensure proper adhesion. Common misconception is that the liner will adhere to the bottle upon application, but this is not accurate as the liner often comes off when the cap is removed within the 24 hour window.

PS22 Is Recommended For Use With Powder Or Dry Products

Pressure sensitive liners works well with dry products, and it is not recommended to be used with liquid products. More importantly, the application area must be free of moisture or the liner will fail to adhere to the bottle. This is perhaps why you often see PS22 liners used with dry products, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and spice products and not liquid products.

PS22 Liner Has A Recommended Shelf Life Of 6 Months

It is an important point for packagers to consider. After the recommended shelf life the liner’s torque activated coating may start to lose it’s effectiveness, making sealing more difficult to archive. Make sure you manage your PS22 lined inventory to ensure optimal performance of your package.

To ensure maximum storage shelf life, make sure caps and liners are stored in temperature range between 60 to 80F, relative humidity 40 to 60% and without direct sunlight exposure.

What BottleStore Carries

BottleStore.com carries PS22 lined plastic continuous thread cap in several different sizes. They are ideally suited for glass or plastic wide mouth packer bottles and for dry products. Click here to browse our plastic packer bottles and wide mouth glass bottles. PS22 lined caps are listed under “Cap Options” when you are making your purchase.

If you have questions about PS22 liners, please feel free to leave a comment where they will be answered by our packaging engineers.

7 thoughts on “3 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Pressure Sensitive Liners (PS22)”

    • Richard,

      Production date are usually available with the batch number, which you can get from manufacturer or the distributor you bought your liners from.

  • Hello,

    Would it be possible that the Liner will broken into pieces (the mouth area) when peeling off? I found few pieces of liner has this kind of issue. Any possible reason that would cause it happen (broken into pieces)? Moisture of the liner or too dry of the liner?

    Thank you.

  • Wow, had no idea these were only for dry goods. Our supplier never said anything about not using them for liquids. Those machines for the electromagnetic seal are pricey. This is an old post but still relevant.

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