History of Glass Bottles

History of Glass Bottles

History of Glass Bottle Intro

People have used glass bottles for thousands of years. Do you know how they came about and how the production of glass bottles evolved over time?

We have put together an infographic that explains the history of glass bottles. Some of the interesting facts you will find here include:

  • The first glass bottle: The first glass bottle was produced in Southeast Asia in 100 B.C., and in the Roman Empire, 1 A.D.
  • The oldest unopened wine bottle : Dated back 1700 years ago! in Speyer, Germany
  • Master Glassmakers : One of the noble trades of the Renaissance era
  • Oxygen Discovery : Yes, it was discovered in a glass bottle
  • Where Mason Jar got its name : John Landis Mason invented the Mason Jar. He designed a jar that can be sealed using a screw on lid.

To learn more about the history of glass bottles, take a look at the infographic below.

The Remarkable History of the Glass Bottle - full infographic

2 thoughts on “History of Glass Bottles”

  • Thanks very much for the history – do you know categorically why glass jars are still round in shape in comparison to their less popular but higher volume square shaped brothers?
    My thoughts are that originally blowing glass produced the round shape and the screw top glass connection designed by Mason was probably easier to reproduce on a rounded jar neck. The reason I am interested is because I would assume that square jars would be more efficient regarding fuel for transportation and stacking or storing wise and that big business would take advantage of this? Perhaps that’s the key…maybe a round jar looks like it contains more than a square jar? Anyway I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter…

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