What To Look For When Shopping For Clean Beauty Products

What To Look For When Shopping For Clean Beauty Products

If you’ve recently gone down the aisles of your favorite store or market’s beauty section, you’ve probably seen the increase in beauty products that are labeled as “clean,” “sustainable,” “organic,” “all-natural,” and “green.” These terms sound very on-trend with sustainability buzzwords, but we’re sure you’re wondering what makes these products truly clean.

Let’s break down some important things to look for when shopping for “clean beauty” products in today’s market.

The Road To Clean

Esteemed beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta have focused on enhancing the quality of their products by partnering with brands that share these values and promote natural ingredients, ethical sourcing, and more sustainable packaging.

Many of these brands now offer ‘clean beauty’ products at accessible price points. The consumer craving for sustainability in the beauty industry has encouraged beauty brands to revisit their strategies and develop new ways to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their customers. In response, they continue to innovate and provide a wide range of options to cater to the evolving consumer demands within the beauty industry making clean beauty products accessible to a wide consumer base.

Getting Clean- What’s Inside?

Clean beauty products typically focus on using ingredients that are considered safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. While there is no universally accepted definition or regulation for “clean beauty,” many clean beauty brands avoid using certain chemicals and prioritize natural, organic, or sustainably sourced ingredients. Cosmetic developers that dive into creating clean beauty products usually will pursue using ingredients like the following:

Cruelty-Free: Many clean beauty brands avoid animal testing and may use cruelty-free or vegan ingredients, meaning they don’t harm animals during the production of their products.

Hypoallergenic: Products are formulated to be hypoallergenic, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Natural Ingredients: Clean beauty products often contain a high percentage of natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, essential oils, and minerals.

Organic Ingredients: Some clean beauty brands use organic ingredients that are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, this has many benefits for both the environment and human health.

Non-Toxic: Clean beauty products are formulated to exclude potentially harmful chemicals. They avoid ingredients like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrances, which have been associated with health concerns.

Sustainable Sourcing: Clean beauty brands may prioritize ingredients sourced sustainably to reduce their impact on the environment. This can include supporting fair trade practices and using eco-friendly farming methods.

Fragrance Transparency: Clean beauty brands may be transparent about the sources of fragrance in their products, avoiding the use of undisclosed or synthetic fragrances, or any fragrance at all.

Ingredients To Avoid

BHA and BHT: BHA and BHT are synthetic antioxidants used as preservatives, and they are most common in lipsticks and moisturizing creams.

Coal tar dyes: On labels, coal tar dyes are listed as p-phenylenediamine, or colors titled “CI” and followed by a five-digit number.

Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: These preservatives are present in a wide range of cosmetics, as well as in cleaning products such as toilet bowl cleaners.

Aluminum: Commonly used in antiperspirants, aluminum enters the body through the underarm tissue and blocks sweat ducts.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): Often found in nail products, DBP is a solvent for dyes.

Notable Companies That Are Clean

Despite there being grey areas in the market, there are companies that have built trust and respect across the beauty and cosmetic spaces because of their transparency with what’s in their products and use of sustainable packaging. Here are a few brands that have moved the needle in the sustainable cosmetics space:

Native: Native produces deodorants with organic, natural ingredients. Their ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, and castor bean oil.

Burt’s Bees: Burt’s Bees produces cosmetics and personal care products that come from natural, organic ingredients which rely on botanical oils, herbs, and beeswax to come up with their world-recognized products.

RMS Beauty: Dedicated to using organic ingredients, RMS creates non-toxic makeup products that heal and protect the skin. They use low-heat processing to ensure their ingredients remain as natural as possible.

BlissomaBlissoma offers a large selection of products organized by skin type and need. Their preservative-free cosmetics include natural ingredients like fruit enzymes, Vitamin C, and organic herbs and grains.

Drunk ElephantDrunk Elephant manufactures a range of sustainable skin care products. They have a devoted consumer following and strive to create products that are both clinically effective and naturally sourced.

Pack It Cleanly

Being a part of the exciting and ever-expanding world of clean beauty products, whether a small business or a well named-brand it’s clear the demand for clean cosmetics and skincare is soaring, and your creations deserve packaging that stands out. At BottleStore.com, we’re your ultimate destination for sustainable and eye-catching packaging solutions that will make your clean beauty products shine!

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Our collection of elegant, clear glass jars is tailor-made [not customizable] for your makeup and skincare packaging. And our Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) based plastic packaging is a better plastic and a gateway to a greener choice, offering a more sustainable package without sacrificing quality or functionality. Whether you choose glass or PCR Plastic, our packaging collections are stunning to look and also environmentally responsible.

With years of experience serving beauty, skincare and haircare brands, we understand the importance of impeccable packaging. We’re not just a packaging provider; we’re your partner in creating a lasting impression. Your clean beauty products deserve nothing less than the best, and that’s precisely what we deliver. Explore our collection today.


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