How Do The Hotel Amenities Offered By A Boutique Hotel Differ From Those Offered By A Chain Hotel?

How Do The Hotel Amenities Offered By A Boutique Hotel Differ From Those Offered By A Chain Hotel?

Both boutique hotels and larger chain hotels have the same goals – to attract guests and retain guest loyalty. How they each achieve these goals can differ significantly, especially as the traditional hotel industry has to compete with Airbnb and similar accommodation concepts.

Often, the biggest differences between boutique and large chain hotels are the available amenities and extra services the company provides for its guests.

Here’s an overview of the differences between large hotels and smaller boutiques:

The Upside of Boutiques

Boutiques provide guests with a more local vibe of where they’re staying instead of a uniform style consistent with the larger hotel chain’s image. Because many boutique hotels are independently owned, guests can expect more customized amenities and complimentary services to enhance their experience.

Boutique hotels typically cater to a smaller number of guests at any given time as they feature fewer rooms than large, corporate hotels. This gives guests a cozier, at-home feeling when traveling.

The décor of boutique hotels is also usually more creative, often featuring works by local artists or unique finds that mean something to the hotel’s owner.

The Pros of a Chain Hotel

Large hotel chains may not be as personalized as a boutique hotel, but they do offer something guests look for when on the road for a long time – consistency.

Guests know what to expect when walking into a Hilton property or a Holiday Inn. They have certain expectations for specific chains regardless of where they are in the country or world.

Cost may be another asset with chain hotels, as many have rewards programs that lower the room rate for frequent guests whereas most boutiques do not. You may also get the added benefit of free meals and other perks through the larger hotel companies that boutiques are unable to offer.

Another pro of a chain hotel are the on-site amenities that are common in many of the larger properties. At a chain, you can take advantage of a variety of amenities boutiques generally can’t offer such as:

  • Gyms
  • Gift shops
  • Indoor pools
  • On-site dining
  • Large meeting rooms

Chain hotels can also arrange for group rates for special occasions or business-related events and offer plenty of rooms to accommodate larger parties.

Other not-so-obvious differences between the boutique and the chain:

Hotel Locations

Chain hotels can be found in or around any place you can travel across the country, often sitting next to other major hotels in the larger cities.

Boutique hotels specialize in just the right location for travelers. Many are reborn from an old building in a trendy or up-and-coming part of town. This gives the guests access to local flair and a real feel for the place they are visiting.

Overall Uniqueness

A chain hotel can never replicate the intimate, personalized experience a boutique hotel can offer. Each boutique property is unique, with its own personality and appeal to certain travelers.

Many boutiques go above and beyond to ensure the ultimate guest experience for every guest, something a larger hotel may not be able to achieve due to the volume of guests and corporate restrictions.

Over the Top Amenities

While a chain hotel has what most travelers need on a basic level, boutique hotels take things to another level entirely.

Amenities like a pillow menu, customized shampoos, and complimentary – yet trendy – beverages are a common part of business at boutique hotels. The staff caters to individual guests in every way, trying to establish a comfortable and long-lasting relationship.

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