Often, the BottleStore team is presented with many questions related to packaging, and some come across our inbox more than others. One of those common questions that pop up often is, “How can I measure how many ounces can my container hold?”  

Many new candlemakers get confused when purchasing their candle containers and do not understand the difference between the liquid volume a container can hold versus how much wax by weight it can hold.

Since there are many containers out there, many manufacturers list the size of a container based on the liquid volume that it holds. This can be confusing for new candlemakers to understand since candlemakers are used to formulating their candles by weight and not by liquid volume.

When selecting your next candle container it’s important to make sure you never make your candles based on liquid volume because your candles won’t burn properly and there will be no room for the wick.

Always weigh out your fragrances and wax on a kitchen scale, never use a liquid measuring device. For example, if you measure out 16 fluid ounces of fragrance oil or wax with a liquid measuring device it will not be the same amount as if you weigh out 16 ounces by weight of fragrance or wax on a scale.

If you are interested in understanding more between fluid, gross, and net weight in ounces, give You Already Know “Ounces” a quick read. 

Today, we will go over how to measure how many fluid ounces a container can hold. All you will need are three easily accessible components at your disposal:

  1. A kitchen scale
  2. Your desired container
  3. Water

First, place your desired container on the scale. In this example, we will utilize BottleStore’s 8oz Amber Glass Jar. We know the jar is 8 fl oz, but we will walk you through confirming this for simplicity.

While your container is on the scale, you will need to ensure you tare (or zero out) your scale for measurement.

Second, pour your liquid, preferably water, into the container. An ideal level is just below the neck of the container or your desired amount.

As you pour your liquid into the container, you will notice the scale value increase, and this is your value in fluid ounces. 

As you can see from the video, the container could hold a volume of 7.93 fl oz comfortably, and with just a few extra drops would have easily contained 8 fl oz. Keep in mind that your container may have a +\- tolerance of the nominal amount of volume it can hold.  

Those are the steps to quickly find out how many fluid ounces a container can hold. If you have any comments on questions, please feel free to share them below.  

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