Booch Day: A Brief History & Quality Options to Buy

Booch Day: A Brief History & Quality Options to Buy

With National Booch day this month, we wanted to take a look at the history of this popular fermented tea beverage and let you know about the customers that provide quality kombucha all year round.

National Booch Day is a day that celebrates kombucha tea, but many people don’t know where its roots are from beyond its most recent commercial success.

Kombucha tea has existed on this planet for centuries providing people with the probiotics and vitamins they need to elevate their health.

The tea can be traced to as far back as 2737 B.C., when the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nong, discovered the miraculous tea. According to legend, the tea was created by accident. The story says that the Emperor was boiling water, when a leaf from a tree drifted into his pot, brewing into tea.

He loved it some much that he would introduce it to the people around him, thus spreading the beverage across the globe.

It doesn’t end there— Kombucha got its name from a man named Dr. Kombu, who introduced the tea to the Japanese Emperor Inyoko during his travels. According to myths from the times, the tea was presumed to give samurais a great deal of energy during battle, and would people would later discover its health benefits.

Groovy Elephant Kombucha

Groovy Elephant Kombucha, is an Arizona-based producer of organic kombucha that is made with organic ingredients.

“We use all organic products; black and green teas, raw cane sugar, real fruits and herbs/flowers, filtered water, and our raw kombucha culture (also known as a SCOBY or a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Because we use real fruits and herbs (no additives), you may notice a slight change in the flavor or color (some batches may be lighter or darker than others). Our kombucha is naturally carbonated by the fermentation process, no extra carbon dioxide is added. *Not as carbonated as store-bought kombucha*,”  their website states.

Groovy Elephant owner, Jaelynn Valencia, said that she began making kombucha after learning from her grandmother, who had been brewing years prior. 

“I was given my first SCOBY by my grandma, who has been making kombucha for years. She is the one who encouraged me to start my business. Going forward with my plan, I had the vision of providing customers with all organic products that can benefit their gut health.”

They have a wide variety of kombucha fermented teas that are packed with flavor and give you the necessary nutrients you are looking for. Check out their store here.

Boocha Boocha For Life

Boocha Boocha For Life is a Texas-based Bar and Taproom that sells home-brewed kombucha, plant-based desserts, juices, coffee, and tea, among other locally produced items on their menu.

“We are motivated by our desire to nurture our body’s natural ability to heal itself.   We believe that food and diet are the foundation of good health. We also know the gut, “our second brain”, is responsible for the body’s overall health. We offer an organic, fermented tea that has been shown to support gut health and the immune system. We only use organic/ Non- GMO and sustainably sourced ingredients. We also offer a bottle recycling/ discount because we are environmentally conscious,” according to the “about us” section of their website. 

A family-run business, Boocha Boocha started five years ago when owners Liz and Noe Acevado learned they’d be welcoming a son into their family and wanted to optimize their health for themselves and their child. 

“We got started 5 years ago when we became pregnant with our son. Because of our age at the time and because of certain health conditions, we knew we needed to make a change and optimize our health for this pregnancy and for our son-to-be. We quickly became informed on health and nutrition and made some immediate changes to our diet and began using a variety of supplements, including probiotics.”

“That became pricey and so, through research, we learned about kombucha, how beneficial it was and that it was rich in probiotics! And so we started making it ourselves.  We began to share it with friends and family. They liked it. They wanted more. We began selling it out of our home. Then we started selling at events and farmers markets.  And now we have a storefront!”

All their kombucha is locally sourced, organic, and fresh to the tastebuds. If you are interested in giving them a try, check out their store here.

And if you want to celebrate Booch Day by making your own batch at home, here is a guide to bottling your own kombucha.

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