The Role Of Packaging Design In Building Brand Identity

The Role Of Packaging Design In Building Brand Identity

Packaging design is an effective way for companies to differentiate their products from the competition and make a lasting impression on consumers. The design of a product’s packaging can influence a customer’s purchase decision and can also be used to communicate a brand’s values and message.

In this article, we will explore the role of packaging design in brand building, key aspects a startup or emerging brand should consider when planning their packaging concept, and aspects of packaging design that provide a brand with a competitive advantage on store shelves, and online.

The Role Of Packaging Design In Brand Building

Packaging design can play a significant role in brand building. Here are some key aspects that a startup or emerging brand should consider when planning their packaging:

  • Brand message and values – Packaging design should align with the brand’s core message and values. It should communicate what the brand stands for and what makes it unique. To achieve this, consider balancing “thematic” elements such as color, photography, font, and utilizing a distinctive material.
  • Target audience – Packaging design should appeal to the brand’s target audience. It should be designed with the customer in mind and take into account their preferences and needs. This can be accomplished by investing in demographic research, distributing surveys to your existing customers, and investigating the marketplace from a competitive perspective.
  • Brand positioning – Packaging design should reflect the positioning of the product in the context of a broader marketplace where customers actively shop for similar items. Consider whether a product is a premium or a budget-friendly option – that can tremendously influence the “style” and “tone” of the brand in comparison to rivals.
  • DifferentiationPackaging design should differentiate the brand from its competitors. It should stand out on the shelf and make a memorable impression on consumers. This can be achieved by creating a distinctive design that offers compelling attributes which are uncommon in the broader market place.
  • Practical considerations – Packaging design should also take into account practical considerations such as product safety, durability, and ease of use.

Aspects Of Packaging Design That Provide A Brand With A Competitive Advantage

Here are some aspects of packaging design that can provide a brand with a competitive advantage on store shelves and online:

  1. Color – The color of the packaging can have a significant impact on a customer’s purchase decision. Bright, bold colors can help a product stand out on the shelf, while more muted colors can convey a sense of sophistication and elegance.
  2. Typography – The typography used on the packaging can also play a role in brand building. The font choice can convey a brand’s personality and values, while also making the product easier to read and understand.
  3. Graphics and imagery – Graphics and imagery can be used to create a memorable and eye-catching design. They can also be used to communicate the product’s benefits or to tell a brand’s story
  4. Shape – The shape of the packaging can also help a product stand out on the shelf. Unique shapes can create a sense of intrigue and make the product more memorable.
  5. Sustainability – As consumers become more environmentally conscious, sustainable packaging has become a significant selling point for many brands. Using eco-friendly materials and designing packaging that can be easily recycled can give a brand a competitive advantage.
  6. Convenience – Packaging design that makes the product easy to use and consume can also provide a competitive advantage. For example, resealable packaging or packaging that can be easily opened with one hand can make a product more convenient and appealing to customers.
  7. Branding – Lastly, branding is an essential aspect of packaging design. The packaging should reflect the brand’s personality and values and feature the brand’s logo prominently. Consistent branding across all products can also help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Companies That Have Built Successful Brands With Creative Packaging Design

Here are some examples of companies that have built successful brands with creative packaging design:

  • Coca-Cola – Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and its packaging has played a significant role in building its brand identity. The classic red and white design with the iconic logo has remained largely unchanged for over a century.
  • Apple – Apple’s packaging is known for its minimalist design and attention to detail. The sleek, white boxes with the Apple logo have become a symbol of the brand’s premium products.
  • Tiffany & Co. – The iconic blue box with the white ribbon has become synonymous with luxury and elegance. The packaging design of Tiffany & Co. has helped to reinforce its brand image as a high-end jeweler.

  • McDonald’s – McDonald’s is known for its distinctive packaging, including the red and yellow colors and the golden arches logo. The packaging design has played a key role in building brand recognition and creating a consistent brand image across all locations.
  • Innocent – The packaging of Innocent’s smoothies and juices features playful illustrations and copy that conveys the brand’s fun and lighthearted personality. The design has helped to differentiate Innocent from other brands in the crowded beverage market.

Packaging design plays a critical role in building brand identity

A well-designed package can differentiate a brand from its competitors, communicate the brand’s message and values, and make a lasting impression on customers. Startups and emerging brands should consider key aspects such as brand message and values, target audience, product positioning, differentiation, and practical considerations when planning their packaging.

Additionally, each aspect of packaging design, including color, typography, graphics and imagery, shape, sustainability, convenience, and branding, can provide a brand with a competitive advantage on store shelves and online. At, we understand the importance of packaging design and offer a wide range of glass and plastic bottles, jars, and jugs to help our customers create packaging that helps build their brand identity.

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